Thursday, July 5, 2012

Painting Process

We have a prime all the boards before we start. Nothing better then a blank slate!

Time to sketch it out!

Next is painting. We basically fill in the lines like a coloring book.

Here you can see me actually painting. I love the block coloring effect!

The painting before the outline. The difference is pretty crazy. At this stage everything is still pretty dull.

The finished product! I outline in India ink, so I still use a paintbrush.
 Happy 4th everyone! It's already the 5th, So I hope everyone had a good time. I was able to spend my day with minimal work. I hung out on Etsy for a couple hours, but by four, Smith and I were cruising downtown Tucson, on bikes, in the monsoon rain. It was a beautiful day!
     I have a newish painting up about bike riders. I took a few pictures of the process so I could show you how I work on all the original illustrations. It takes a while because each one is unique. I have to come up with a design, figure out how to execute it, and then actually create the damn thing. Keep an eye out for a lot of new items coming into the shop! I have a lot of plans for the holidays that I am SOO excited to share. I'll make sure to take a bunch of photos of those too. Have a great day guys! Cheers!

P.S. If you are planing on participating in the contest, please remember to comment on the blog telling me what you did. I get emails anytime someone comments, so it's a great way for me to be alerted and  keep track of what people do. I want to make sure everyone who participates gets their name in the jar!!

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  1. Great photos!
    I love your works....
    Please keep blogging, because I feel like I'm an art student in Arizona!