Finance Updates

    A quick update about Smith and i felt like things were getting a little spread out. We have decided on three websites and this is how it will stay. will be used to update friends, family, and those who are interested in our experience with school, our small business, and our life. This will now be an actual blog. will be used as a portfolio for our photography

- will be used to show and sell our most current artwork. will be retired unless we find further use for it in the future.

    We have been very excited about the amount of traffic our blog/store is getting. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest. We have been updating the details like crazy so in consequence, we have not posted new items in a few days. Changes are coming soon though and I hope it only makes the site more interesting and exciting to visit. We have also opened two new websites. We now have a store on etsy that will contain some of our more recent items that we make in multiples. I will continue to post them on this site too, but etsy might be a little easier to navigate right now. I have also started construction on a portfolio website that will have my printmaking and design work on it. I hope to be able to grow One Word Design into an at home business, but for now it is just something I do on the side. Please keep check back for more updates on our little One Word empire. :). We really appreciate the interest!

   We are currently in the beginning stages of our fundraising. In September, Smith and I will start the process of applying for our chosen art schools. Until then, we will be getting ready by budgeting, saving money, and doing as much art as we possibly can. We will be posting updates on everything thing through the entire process. This page is where we will post any updates on the fundraising aspect. All money that comes from sales and donations on this site will be going into a separate account specifically for our move and education. Thank you for your interest and please check back often for the new updates!

Schools We Are Interested In:
    note: We are going to be applying for financial aid at the same time that we apply to each of these schools. Private art schools are very expensive and we will only be able to go if we are approved for the majority of our tuition to be paid with the financial aid. All of the fundraising and saving until then will be used to pay the remainder amount and cost of living while we are in school.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago-  $ 1,278 per credit hour + Fees

Maryland Institute College of Art- $18,950 per semester + Fees

Pratt- 1-11 Undergraduate Credits: $1,210.00 per credit + Fees

Rhode Island School of Design- tuition: $41,022 (full-time degree candidates per yr)

California College of Arts-  $19,224 per term + $1,602 per unit over 18 + Fees

Virgina Commonwealth University- O/S $12,881.23/ year    I/S $5,867.73

Otis- $37,300 per year 

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