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A lot has changed!

    Smith and I have decided to trim up One Word Gallery. Don't worry, you can still view most of the art that was previously on this blog by visiting their gallery. I have decided to take down the majority of the older art that I had uploaded. Since it was done so long ago, I do not not feel it still represent the artist I am now. I may find a place for some pieces in the future, but for now they are in retirement.  We have three functioning sites now, each for a very specific purpose. This blog will be used as a way to continue to update those who are interested. We will have updates regarding art school, our business on Etsy, and other happenings in out daily life. We want to make visiting our web sites an easy and enjoyable experience. Below I have listed the places where you can view our art in their galleries.


Current Art by Smith and Nikki:

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