Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Days and Giveaways
    This morning i woke up, nervous, but determined to meet some people. Smith and I talked about getting some real face time (what? The internet doesn't count?) with possible buyers around town. Because I'm the officially unemployed one chasing her dream, I needed to be the one to do it. This is hard for me. I love people, I don't mind public speaking, but meeting strangers in an intimate setting is awkward for me. I freak a little at the idea. But, today was the day, and I climbed into my car sans air-conditioning, headed to see a friend who promised to walk me through it. That was the first problem, we walked. Before we even stopped at a shop, we decided it was necessary to get some breakfast and ice water. No biggie, we'll just go after.
     As we walked out of the restaurant, bellies full and skin cooled, we were more optimistic. It took less than two minutes before we were both dripping wet with sweat. We made it to one place, asked around, learned the policies, the lady even said she loved my work! Awesome! One place down, where next? Well, maybe we should get coffee... So we trekked a couple blocks out of the way, through heat so heavy you drag your feet, to gather the energy we suddenly realized we needed. Check, coffee break a success, now where?
     We then, so intelligently, found ourselves wondering downtown for no where in particular. We always see boutiques down here right? Where did they go? Nope, no boutiques, little gift stores, anything, just another 10 degrees hotter. We finally gave up and headed ALL THE WAY back. I have no idea how far it was. If I was cool, then I would be ashamed of the struggle, but 5 steps equals 1 mile in 102 degree heat. We barely tripped our way home.
     So, unfortunately due to our bad planning, I do not have any awesome news about a boutique buying out our entire stock of merchandise. I do have good news though. One of the most important things I can do right now is get our blog and shop seen by as many people as possible. As an incentive to help us out, we are going to do a giveaway once a month. If you follow us, you get your name in the jar. If you pin/tweet/or facebook us and comment the link on our blog, you get your name in. If you recommend someone else to do one of those things, and they mention your name in a comment, than you (and your friend of course) get names in the jar. I want to thank everyone already for all the support and help. Above is the first prize for July, you can get info from the link!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

To Love the Rain


Rain Storm for fun

Geometric Rain for etsy
    The monsoons are here, and in Tucson, that is better than any holiday. I walked outside and immediately smiled from the overwhelming since of summer. One of the best parts of the season is that warm, humid heat that creeps up from the ground. Since the sun is temporarily at bay, the heat comes from beneath and the whole planet seems to, literally, let off steam. Looking up, giant cathedral thunder heads are spreading out, teasing all of us below with the possibility that, maybe, we will be baptized by rain. The mixed smells of creosote, asphalt, and wet dirt add to the season's nuance. Walking barefoot is a must, and even though it's hot and muggy, all anyone needs is to be outside. Nothing is better then this summer rain.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Learning the Business

Where I've been for a week!
    I have spent hours and hours and hours pouring over this stuff. That is no exaggeration. I can't stop. I think it's because I am trying to prove to everyone that I can follow through with it. I am not exactly great at idea follow through. I am amazing at project follow through, but with things like a business, I get freaked out. I think I'm doing everything wrong and at the end, feel like I am working really hard for nothing at all. I am afraid I'm going to fail I guess. Well, this time I am trying my best to fight through those feelings.
    It has been only 6 days since my last post. So much has changed too. It has only been 2 weeks (13 days actually) since I have started all of this and I have constructed and re-constructed just about everything! For the first time though, I really feel proud and hopeful about it. If you haven't had a chance to take a look at our Etsy store yet you should take a look. That's where all of our art will be updated to from now on. We are now going to use this url as an actual blog. Its primary purpose will be to update everyone on our business, shop, and general going ons in our life. It will still be loaded with photos, but just to give you a window into our ever creating world. I hope that everyone likes the new set up. It took a whole lot of time and eraser marks to make it look good. Days of photographs, editing, updating, not to mention actually making the stuff. Now that I am in a happy place with it all, I hope there will be more time for the creating part. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for all your interest and support as always! Love you all!

-Nicole Yvonne Welch

Shingled, in a Good Way.

    There is so much to update but not a whole lot to show yet! I guess that is how it is with small, online businesses. Probably any business really. I have been bogged down by all the details of streamlining and running the sites that I haven't been able to do much on the creative side. I broke the streak last night though, while enjoying coffee with Smith, helping him with some beautiful sculptures he is making, and watching great conspiracy theory documentaries. Great way to spend the evening! We now have two more sites up and running. The etsy site ( is doing well and getting great traffic. If you have not checked this site out, I highly recommend it! It is a lot of fun and there are great items listed from around the world. I have also been constructing a portfolio site to display my more commercial abilities. When I have the site completed, I'll do a post with more detail about it. I think it's going to be really cool. Other then that we have just been enjoying the first monsoon  of the season and staying out of the 107 degree heat! I'll be able to update the merchandise soon, so make sure to check back often! Thank you for stopping by!

Trying Something New!

    I have been busy with the many areas on the internet you can see my art. I was able to update the old website to re-direct you to this site, so it official!, we are moved! I have also opened up an site. It may seem a little redundant since all the items listed on that one are also on here, but it has some major differences. Firstly, I am not using that site specifically as a fundraising site. That means I am going to be a lot more picky about what goes up there. I am working on getting my illustrative and printmaking background a little more light, so the etsy site will be a way to display that side of my art. Any new art on there will also be available here though. 

    I have also been doing some actual art believe it or not. I printed the last of the prints of my plumeria tree print. Now I can start experimenting with the second. These prints are all part of a botanical series that I am putting together from pictures I recently took in San Diego. There will be 25 print designs, printed in series of 45, and 3 books will be hand bound. I have just finished the first, so I expect this to be a long project. I'll take pictures and show you as I go! I am excited to have the time, and a great supportive boyfriend, to be able to do all of this right now. I have plans to do some craft shows, expand both shops and even start some giveaways on here! Thank you for all your interest and support. 

Printing "Plumeria"

   Today has been an updating day. I was able to add the last bit of older work to the art gallery and even updated the buttons to allow certain originals to be sold. I have also found a couple more pieces to take photos of and to post when I photograph the newer things. I am sure I will be working on getting all our old art updated on the site for a while. We just have so much art between the two of us! I will make sure to let you know when those updates take place. I have also included some photos I took while doing some lino-cut prints the other day. This is the medium I am really interested in right now so expect to see them showing up in the gallery! Thanks for stopping by!

Starting Out!

    Smith and I are at the beginning of the applying process for art school. Here, I will post how we approach all of our steps as well as our results. We cannot start applying until September, so for the next few months we will be creating new art, choosing items for our portfolios, among many other preparations. Whether you are interested in going to art school yourself, you are helping us out, or you are just curious about the process, please check back often for our updates! All of the art that is currently on the gallery page is art created from the past. We will be continually updating that page as new things are being created. Smith is currently working on everything from painting, to sculpture, to dripping paint down old guitars. I am exploring the limits of hand pressed printmaking with wood and linoleum cuts. We will have pictures up soon! Thanks for stopping by!