Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Living the Dream

Close up of Smith's handmade flags. Check out how it is bound! He took special care to tie all the pieces together.

Smith's handmade party flags. They flutter so beautifully in the wind and look just like a school of fish all swimming together. 

Putting together my new earring series. It has been a blast coming up with new ways to apply my illustration.

Smith working hard, well into the night. Right now he is coming up with different prototypes for massager bags and other fun items. He makes them out of up-cycled scraps from a local car upholstery shop!

Smith's messy work stating. Notice the need for beers in order to create. :)

My work station. As you can see, I am much more organized...

I am trying to be better at making things in stages. These are the tops of some new earrings. 
A big photo of me, wearing one of my new necklaces.

This is the start of earring making. I have to cut up the wood into a bunch of little tiny pieces and get them all ready to be painted. 

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