Monday, June 25, 2012

Trying Something New!

    I have been busy with the many areas on the internet you can see my art. I was able to update the old website to re-direct you to this site, so it official!, we are moved! I have also opened up an site. It may seem a little redundant since all the items listed on that one are also on here, but it has some major differences. Firstly, I am not using that site specifically as a fundraising site. That means I am going to be a lot more picky about what goes up there. I am working on getting my illustrative and printmaking background a little more light, so the etsy site will be a way to display that side of my art. Any new art on there will also be available here though. 

    I have also been doing some actual art believe it or not. I printed the last of the prints of my plumeria tree print. Now I can start experimenting with the second. These prints are all part of a botanical series that I am putting together from pictures I recently took in San Diego. There will be 25 print designs, printed in series of 45, and 3 books will be hand bound. I have just finished the first, so I expect this to be a long project. I'll take pictures and show you as I go! I am excited to have the time, and a great supportive boyfriend, to be able to do all of this right now. I have plans to do some craft shows, expand both shops and even start some giveaways on here! Thank you for all your interest and support. 

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